Experience the Bob Marley Reggae spirit from Montego Bay

Nesta Robert "Bob" Marley is a name that will live to be remembered for ever. If Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, then definitely Bob Marley is the Undisputed King of Reggae. His exploits on and off the Reggae platform etched his legacy in Jamaica folklore. It is no wonder that his albums and stage performances will forever be used as a yardstick with which future reggae artists will be judged on.


This trip will enable you get up, close and personal on where Marley grew up, what inspired him, and other tit-bits that often escape the mainstream media attention. You will also get to learn on the Rastafarian religion, and finally get a chance of seeing his final resting place.


This tour starts with a tour to the Nine mile. This village tucked in the spending mountains of Jamaica is the birth place of the Reggae legend. It is also the place that he was buried. You will walk through his home as a child that has now been converted into a photo gallery and a Museum to celebrate his legacy. You will also get the once in a life time opportunity of standing on top of Mount Zion that is widely known as Bob Marley favorite mediation spot. It is believed that this is the place that Marley composed his popular song, “Talking blues”


At the end of the tour, you will visit his final resting place for a chance to pay your last respect before returning.


Schedule details


The departure time for the tour is 7:35am from the Montego Bay hotel.

Please note that the departure time is not fixed, and vary depending on various times. You will have to reconfirm with your tour operator on the appropriate time when you re-confirm your booking.


Pricing information


This tour costs $86.99

This price guarantees you the following: All admissions and hotel pickup and drop offs. However, you will have to pay for the following: Gratuities, and foods and drinks.


Additional information


Confirmation for this trip will be communicated during booking. The appropriate dressing for this trip is shorts and a shirt.


Voucher information


For this tour, either an electronic or paper voucher is admissible. The voucher has all the necessary information for the smooth facilitation of your travel including important telephone numbers at your destination.